Angels Undercover 2009 Update & 2010 Announcement

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What a joy it was to deliver our baby blankets this year! I was delayed in my delivery because a tight (and late!) deadline which kept me out of town sequestered away in a little writer’s cabin in Idyllwild — followed by my husband’s surgery, December 18, and his needed caregiving afterward.

Previously, we have had our prayer blankets ready for delivery in time for the Christmas party given to the families of Mecca. When I was finally able to deliver the blankets, they were even a greater blessing. We’ve had one of the rainiest, coldest winters on record in our valley, and I know that the blankets you sent were especially loved and appreciated.

One of the greatest blessings of our 2009 blankets was my mother-in-law’s donation of fabric squares left over from quilts she made for my daughters and niece when they were children. One of my dearest angel and author friends, Barbara Curtis, volunteered to make baby quilts from them. Oh, what a huge blessing this dear friend is to me! She even included a precious Bible verse written in Spanish with each little blanket. Barbara is definitely is our “Angel of the Year.” Thank you, dear friend!

I thank all of you who participated this year. This project is very near and dear to my heart. The families who receive these blankets are rural farm workers who live nearby. Our winters can be bitterly cold, especially harsh for families who have no heat in their homes, and for some who have no homes at all. Besides keeping a little one warm, the blanket you make is a tangible way to show these mothers and fathers that their children are loved, prayed for, and cherished — by you and by their heavenly Father.

Angels Undercover 2010 is well underway. I’ve finished one crocheted blanket, and a friend who lives nearby, has already given me four beautifully knitted baby blankets.

I invite you to join us by becoming an “angel” in this precious, giving ministry.


What is the Angels Undercover Project?

prayerquiltA few days before Christmas last year my husband and I joined members of our church to distribute groceries to the families of farm workers in a rural community near where we live. Though this is a weekly ministry, on this day, we also held a Christmas party for some 300 people. (Typically, we serve 300-500 people every Friday!) Some of our ladies had made over 400 sandwiches and baked just as many little gift cakes. There were teddy bears and candy canes for the children and a volunteer Santa from our church to give them them out.

For months, women in our church community had been working on crocheted or knitted afghans. The expressions of joy and gratitude from the families as they received them warmed my heart. Each was a tangible gift of love that said more than words ever could.

The seed of an idea began to form as I watched. I thought about the prayer shawls I’d received, and others I’d made for friends. To know that someone whispered a prayer for me with each stitch was (and still is) a blessing beyond measure. And in some ways it’s an even greater blessing to make a prayer shawl for a special friend, praying for her as I crochet.

Then I noticed the babies, some just infants in their mothers’ arms, others toddlers in strollers. The day was cold. I wished I had blankets to give out to those babies . . . and as I stood there, handing out sandwiches, that tiny seed of an idea began to grow.

Prayer blankets for babies!

When I got home I checked my shelves of stacked yarns, many left over from other projects. I had enough to make at least one blanket, maybe more. Simple granny squares made from those yarns could be stitched together make beautiful baby blankets.

And so I began. With each stitch I prayed for the baby who would someday be wrapped in this blanket. I finished the first and began work on a second blanket, and now, three months later, I’m about to begin a third.

My yarn goes with me everywhere now–doctor’s appointments for those long waits, trips in the car when hubby is driving, and flights Granny squares are easy to work on, with supplies tucked into a Ziploc bag.

After I posted mention of my baby blanket project on my blog last December, I began hearing from readers who want to be part of it. I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity and love of these “angels.”

There are many prayers I whisper as I stitch together a baby blanket: that this child will be cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually, now and in the years to come; that she will someday, somehow, understand she is loved by Someone who loves her as if she is the only one in the world to love; and especially, that she might come to know the One who says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”

A printed prayer in both English and Spanish will be given to the baby’s family when the “blankie” is presented next December, to let his parents know that each stitch represents a prayer for their child, and that he is cherished–in our hearts just as he is in his heavenly Father’s.

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